Thuro Bread Stories

Celebrating the people whose lives are nourished by Thuro bread

As a family we now look for foods we can enjoy eating and be nourished by — real foods to build our bodies and energize our minds.

Having family members with health challenges, we realized our need to learn not only about the quality of our food ingredients but also about how foods are produced.

Through this learning process we became educated about sourdough breads. Their long, slow fermentation process not only pre-digests the flour but also releases micronutrients which provide us with a powerful “life giving” bread. Seeing the value of a sourdough, nutrient-rich, gluten-free bread we created Thuro bread. To keep it allergy-friendly we use just a few wholesome ingredients, which when fermented become a powerful combination of nourishment and flavor.

As a family of entrepreneurs, since we couldn’t find a kitchen that met our needs & standards, we developed one. GIA Kitchen is our family owned, community kitchen where we produce our Thuro bread. GIA Kitchen is also home to other artisan producers who participate in sustaining the environment and our community by responsibly enjoying the benefits of working together.

Sarah + David, Thuro bread founders


Bread is my passion. If I could eat only one type of food it would be bread. In Thuro bread I found exactly what I’ve been looking for combining delicious taste, high quality unique ingredients and excellent nutrition.
This is real food.

— Mhdlon in Minn.


I was diagnosed with celiac disease and leaky gut at age 50, I was put on a gluten free and a low FODMAP diet by my doctor at the Mayo Clinic. Although I was very disciplined about my diet, it still wasn’t working for me. My doctor suggested I do an elimination diet to figure out what foods I could not tolerate. As it turned out, the list of what I could eat was very, very short. I couldn’t find any sort of bread to eat at all because all of them had one or two ingredients (like egg) that I couldn’t eat. I looked for months and months.

It was an exceedingly happy day when I found the Thuro bread! It meant I could have a sandwich, a piece of toast, and even some homemade croutons! I can’t tell you how delicious a piece of toast is with my homemade raspberry jam! Besides the fact I can eat it, what I love about the bread is that it holds together and acts like regular bread; think high quality bakery bread vs. the bread you “wonder” about.

The customer service at Thuro has been fantastic!

— James in Minn.

I enjoy the Teff bread toasted with sunflower butter. I have many food intolerances so it’s nice to find something that works for me.

 — Sandra in Colo.

I love the rich flavor of the Sourdough Buckwheat bread. I’m not sensitive to gluten or other foods, but I prefer this because it’s so good and nutritious.

— Bill in Minn.