Thurobread sourdough loaves are an artisan bread that you can confidently enjoy as a daily ‘support life’ food!

We care about the impact of our ingredients on the environment and on your body!


Thuro (thorough) defines the whole, unrefined, nutrient-rich ingredients of Thuro bread. Ancient gluten free whole grains and seeds are transformed (by a natural, wild yeast fermentation process) into easier-to-digest, life giving bread.

Thuro sourdough loaves are a unique, vegan, high protein, low glycemic bread that meets the need for many who want more allergy friendly options as well as tasty nourishment. Our allergy-friendly loaf uses konjac root instead of xanthan gum, as it is a more nutritious ingredient.

Thuro bread has no commercial yeast, only sourdough culture (helpful for digestion); no gluten, xanthan gum, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, nuts, sweeteners, starches or rice flours. A little baking soda and cream of tartar are added to help with the rise of the bread since we use whole, gluten free ingredients.

We package the 22oz loaves as half loaves of 6 slices. Our loaf is a standard sandwich slice size.

Thuro bread is made in a dedicated gluten free/peanut free facility.