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Thuro Bread
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Thuro Bread

"The New Look of Ancient Grains"

 in an artisan made bar

          Tasty        Nourishing        Satisfying        Convenient  


Low Glycemic Index        Vegan        Electrolytes/ Omega 3's/ Fiber                    


Thuro Bread is a complete and innovative solution
to the high sugar, low benefit snack problem.
GLUTEN FREE BARS - Chocolate Chip, Raisin Walnut and Craisin 
We use Gluten Free Oats, Amaranth and Coconut Flour!

Creators of Thuro Bread

Bonus Vivus - Nourishing Foods

 Now operates 2 commercial/ incubator kitchens - come join our team!

These 3 whole grains are used in the traditional Thuro Bread.




complex carbs



more about this non-traditional wheat



more about this supergrain


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What's New

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